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Happy Birthday!

It’s 21/04/2012 already!!!

Means, today its your birthday!

I’m sorry for i can’t prepare anything but this, i hope you like it!

May your next year become the best year ever with the graduation, starting work life, and (hopely) your first eurotrip ever!

The best for your Thesis, APEX, Imagine Cup,  Mapres, TEDxUI, YLI, and all the other thing,

oh lastly, here’s a photo:




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Accenture Journey 2012 : More new friends, more experience

Just had a full and interesting Saturday this week! Yesterday I had chance to join the experience of Accenture Journey 2012. It was a full-day event when the participants were given a business case where we could feel how it’s like to be an Accenture consultant in a day. There were 30 selected participants from UI – ITB – UGM – Unpad , all from different majors and specialties, mostly in major of information technology, industrial/electrical/chemical engineering, economic and business.

All the 30 participants were divided in a group of five persons each with mix of different specialties and background to solve a two hours business case. It was a blast, I mean I have been involved in some business(IT) case competitions, but the previous experiences were to be in a team with the members come from the same university and with the members I choose to be inside with, just call them Ian and Danny. Yesterday the team members in each group came from different universities and backgrounds, I was in Yellow team with Ajeng-Industrial Engineering-ITB , Tiyan-Industrial Engineering-UGM, Dania-Economic-UGM , and Yudha-Economic-Unpad. It was very interesting experience trying to be an Accenture consultant with the people I haven’t met before, and I have great team! They all are cooperative and got myself enjoy doing the team work with team. We met difficulties – which team didn’t? but It was nice trying to solve it together with friendly people I haven’t met before :D . It was such a mini competition and team Oranye was awarded as the winner, but however, we learnt much, and I was so happy to met more new friends. If you are currently in third year, I suggest this: APPLY for next year of Accenture Journey! :)

Funny thing is some of them actually I have met already and we’ve been friends already such as Nissia and Reza from YLI Wave 4, DA from Danamon Young Leaders Awards, Kiky from Fasilkom,even CS from high school! and one and only again, Ian lol. I even met the seniors from Fasilkom who managed to be Accenturians there such as Icha, Gilang, Lucy, Finda, many! hahaha. As the additional all the participants got the merchandise, including certificate and printed photo of myself in front of Accenture banner. Oh, and I love the tumbler from Accenture! hahaha

All the participant of Accenture Journey 2012

Tiyan-UGM , Fira-Fasilkom, Ajeng-ITB , Dania-UGM , Yudha-Unpad

With great mates of Yellow Team!

Make friends!

With Ian (again)

Kak Icha - Fasilkom 2007 - Accenturian

Met CS! A high school friend. Small world XD

CS - Reza - Wangi - Ririn - Ian

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Today’s Quote

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the tree winds in your sails.

(quote source : somewhere in Tumblr)

That quote has been my strong driver to do all my activities this (hopefully) final semester :) Bismillah

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My Bedroom Corner This Semester

Meet Uncle Skippy, Little Brownie, and super comfy soft pink pillow as my sleeping friends everyday. And the most important of all is… The wall of dreams above, the headside of the bed. The left one with red blue never change. The right one is always changing for my dreams each semester.

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Young Leaders for Indonesia Wave 4, Forum 1 (day 2)

The second day of YLI Wave 4 – Forum 1 – Day 2 was started with my most favorite session: breakfast :p . I love my breakfast XD . Then it was continued with the speaker talk from Pahala Mansury (Director of Finance & Strategy, Bank Mandiri) talking about “How to lead a large-scale organization in Indonesia amongst global competition. After that, we were discussing about the PLP (Personal Leadership). I had myself in table 5 with (again) another 6 awesome young leaders. We talked about the detail plan of our PLP, what the execution will be, what the challenges will be, generally how to ensure we could do our PLP. 

Table 5

The session was continued with how to maintain our spirit along the 2 months during the PLP. Andy, the trainer of this session flew from Singapore to deliver this. The way he taught us is to make a round, and visualization in a big paper with one big round and one smaller round inside the big one. The outer circle was filled with things that I hate, that might lower my mood and my spirit. In the inner circle, we should draw everything we like that will always enable to boost our spirit. So I had my inner circle was filled by the graduation hate, Eiffel tower, watching movies, medals of competition, shopping, beaches, money, swimming, and family and boyfriend. In doing our thing we should keep focusing in what we will achieve, those things that we like – our goal, to keep us in a high spirit.

The circle of motivation

with Emil and Nisia

The next session was about the impact and the importance of networking. Like most MBA got the job from networking rather than the job vacancy. I should say it was right. I already felt the power of networking itself. In this YLI I was very happy to meet my friend from PIMNAS (Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiwa Nasional) 2010 in Bali, Tyas Nastiti. She’s a very lovable person, you could get easily talk and make friend with her. We first met in PIMNAS, and it was the first time we finally met in person again after  almost 2 years. World is so small isn’t it? It connects people from everywhere :)

Finally met Tyas :)

And talking about boyfriend. I was surprised with who I was meet in the second day. My boyfriend!! haha being a facilitator in my table – table 5 -.- really. Ian is actually YLI from wave 3 – last year. And he was coincidentally asked by the YLI committee to be a facilitator in the second day, and, coincidentally was asked to be the facilitator in the table 5 – my table. No worries, we play professional in the professional occasions :D I have told you, the world is small. :) Actually the story was, last year Ian and I were applying together. He was selected and I didn’t. But this year I tried to apply again and… I was selected!! :) ) thankfully :) And it’s funny to see that we exchanged our card :) )

When Ian became my facilitator :p

Exchanging Cards XD

 I enjoy the forum veeery muuuch! See you in Forum 2! :)